Raising the bar

The reason why we raise the bar; is to improve the guest experience, get better feedback and increase sales.
It is one thing to say Raise the bar, it is another to implement it, but this can be set out in simple ways so that both managers and staff find a natural way to raise the bar in the hospitality or travel and trade industry.
It should come as no surprise that performance improvement will result inn a better guest experience.

This is true on every level, for example, if we consider the beginning … in reservations; whether that be online, telephonic or face-to-face, the way a reservation is conducted will and can deliver the beginnings of a great experience.

Each venue is unique and to ensure the marketing and offer guests receive stands out above the rest, ideas and themes are only shared between the owner/manager and myself.

Should you require advise or ideas on how to improve guest experience and at the same time, improve staff performance, book a session by clicking here.