Walking safari

There is nothing quite like walking in the wild.  Where  all things are equal.

You are on the ground on which the wild animals roam.

It’s a little unnerving at times but always rewarding.

Walk on game reserves with one of South Africa’s most passionate trails guide.


Only for PHD or Master students and serious researchers with reputable references.

There is a natural haven for those wanting to study lichenology, geology, various species of forbs, natural forest species, ferns, asparagus, palaeontology, orthnithology, entomology, arachnology, mountain streams and a montaine grassland biome.

Please contact us for this place in northern South Africa and we shall submit your application to the Curator of the Herbarium and Reserve Manager.


Trails must be booked in advance.

Expect the unexpected…

When contacting us, please be sure to include a contact number, you name, number of people wanting to trail as well as the dates you would prefer.  Knowing your budget and type of trail will assist us in check suitable accommodation. Please send your requests through to”(trailsafari @ gmail.com)”. Unfortunately our mobile reception is very poor due to the rural location, but send us a text message with your questions to (0) +27 omit the 0 if its international 842084456.